Kodak 35 Original & Rangefinder (1939 & 1948)

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If the serial number is all numeric with no letters, then it was made pre The earliest pre-war models had black anodized knobs and in the case of the RF model, I have seen one with a black rangefinder cover. These black variants are not common as most of them look like the two I have. A more common variant are in post war models from around in which the knobs were changed to a white plastic that has a tendency to yellow over time.

If you see a Kodak 35 with yellowish looking plastic knobs, you know it is a later model. I much more prefer the all metal knobs like both of mine have. A special Luminzed coating was also applied to all of the available lenses. The available models were: Wikipedia incorrectly lists a 51mm lens being available, but no Google image search returns any Kodak 35 RFs with a 51mm lens.

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The village of Thizay is a small village located center of France. The town of Thizay is located in the department of Indre-et-Loire of the french region town of Thizay is located in the township of Chinon part of the district of Chinon.

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Dating US Edition has high-speed trains from London St Pancras via Paris to Tours, Angers and Nantes, with local services on TER SNCF () to Orléans, Saumur and Chinon. Buses.

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Saumur. Les porteurs de projets répondent présent au Farm Dating

It will also feature products and information from other regions. David is an excellent writer, and his ideas and concerns have been voiced from that period to now. He recently reposted this older article to ask where are we today? It could not be better timed or a question better asked.

Sep 02,  · Looks a lot like a Nikon FM, probably 30 years old,but I have trouble making out the serial number in the photo posted. Look at the serial number on the back just below the film advance/shutter cocking lever.

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It promises to deliver not only both types of media, but an appropriate user experience for either type of shooting. It may be the first true ‘convergence’ camera. Still photography and video are on a collision course.

Chinon CE-4 The Chinon CE-4 was the first Chinon model which transitioned away from the 42mm screw mount used in the Chinon CE-3 to the Pentax K-mount. It’s an automatic 35mm SLR compact camera with aperture priority exposure system (AE).

July 1, Those that know Nicole and I know that we have what appears to be an on going camera acquisition problem. Not all are winners though and some are just easier or more fun to use but you have to shoot with them first to find out! It actually seems like it works too… , nice grip, bright split screen viewfinder and even a double exposure function!

Best of all, you can use K-Mount Pentax lenses on it, which works for me because I have a slew of Pentax lenses for my K I enjoyed shooting with this camera alot and appreciate how small it is for tossing in my bag to carry around with me. This little SLR will definitely be a keeper! I also tested out the reasonably new Ferrania P30 film in this camera and really enjoyed the results.

I unfortunately under exposed a bit of the roll, which was too bad because the shots that were exposed properly were awesome with this film. The tone of the P30 is lovely and I will definitely shoot lots more of this film! The sharpness of the Chinon is great too and it was nice having the faster lens with the slower speed film.

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