Miku Hatsune & Friends invade TinierMe!

This dating simulation game will leave you breathless as you balance building relationships and preparing for your band’s upcoming concert. Improve your guitar skills and earn some extra cash through part-time work. You have 30 days to get to know the guys of Sistehcap and find true love. That is, if you figure out how to keep your would-be sweetheart interested. Anyone who has played a dating sim before will be familiar with the game mechanics. You have a finite amount of HP to spend daily. This can be used for activities such as talking to potential love interests and improving your guitar skills.

Japanese 3D singing hologram Hatsune Miku becomes nation’s biggest pop star

A Japanese gadget enthusiast has hooked up a Kinect sensor – a device which usually acts as a pair of eyes for the Xbox console, but has been commandeered by the hacking enthusiast community – with a pair of video glasses, which can overlay virtual objects into a real world. The first thing he does with his contraption? Make a girlfriend, of course. His partner comes pre-made from a Japanese PC voice synthesiser called Vocaloid, and her name is Hatsune Miku, a popular icon in Japan.

Scroll down for video: The virtual girlfriend joins our Japanese fan on a tour of the local park This relationship’s a walk in the park:

Now, your best friend is IA, the funny and sweet girl who lives near your home, who will help you in your desire of dating Miku. Get ready to meet with 11 Vocaloid girls and your arch enemy, Kaito, who has a crush on Miku as well!

Picking girls off the street September 13th, Meeting maid robots,and an opera singing Santa robot along the way, virtual Noble proceeds to go get drunk, give us some back story, and quiet literally pick Hatsune Miku up off the street. At least he’s not a teen danger 2 Inappropriate stripping and touching September 14th, Managing to carry Miku all the way to his house without being seen virtual Noble takes an interest in why Miku was left on the street.

He eventually decided to try and start her up, but it would prove to have indecent prerequisites. September 15th, Noble finds Miku’s port, and while waiting for her to activate, he steals a long look at her face, noting the cuteness. Miku also wakes up this episode, making Nobo scream like a girl at her lack of clothing, Miku has also gone to the Pokemon school of communication.

September 17th, Virtual Noble tries to make Miku get dressed, but has to help, and on top of it all he doesn’t even do it correctly.

Cutie Student

And here’s piapro’s character sheet on her for more reference. She’s not the only one. Here’s her wikipedia page if you wanna go that deep. She’s a mascot for Yamaha’s Vocaloid 2 voice synthesizing program, and their decision to have a mascot made their software pretty much the default for voice synthesis and popular as fuck ever since its release in There are countless memes using Miku.

Its seems that creator of Vocaloid Holy Harmony and Miku Miku Date has release new game. Miku Miku Date 2 is a visual novel game which using Vocaloid Character. You game start in Vocaloid City, and you’ll need to make relationship between you and other Vocaloid.

Instead of ending the lives of innocent people, they use their skills to end the lives of every criminal that comes in their path. This is an alternate world where the antagonists are the protagonists of the story. Other creepypasta’s will get to star in it as well. You never believed in occult before, but this is giving you cause to. You live on the edge of the forest, so you kinda consider them your neighbors; Masky, Hoodie, Jane, and Jeff that is.

You don’t even want to consider how close you live to Slender Man.

Miku Miku Date

We can hence have a precise idea of the launch sales of Project Diva F 2nd. In order to assess its performance, we have to do a bit of economic research. Diva 2nd benefited from the fact that the concept was still fresh at that time. Extend inherited from a bunch of songs from Diva 2nd, thus diminishing its consumer value. Then comes Project Diva F.

The popular Japanese vocalist, Miku Hatsune, needs your help to choose clothes and accessories for the most amazing performance tonight. Drag the selected item with the mouse and clicking wardrobe changes 1, 2, 3 and /5().

The wife of a mobster. A sad life of a wife who is surrounded by mobsters and when things go wrong, she is humiliated and insulted. Starring top actress Akiho Yoshizawa with a painted tattoo on her back. Soft On Demand Title: Hot Springs Trip Starring: Manami Yoshikawa Film Description: A model and adult actress with big breasts and a hot body from Soft On Demand studios at an onsen hot springs resort.

Hot boobies with light pink nipples and a face thats cute and vulnerable. Various Actresses Film Description:

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X (PS4) Review

Contents Design Design Current Midori’s hairstyle consists of two short and fluffy pigtails tied up by big white ribbons. Her bangs are clipped up to the side of her face and forehead, the pins being fashioned with white and green bear heads. She wears a white headset which is very fluffy in the ear area and has green bears on the sides. Around her neck there is a cloud-looking scarf that seems almost as if it’s floating in the middle of the air. The scarf goes from white at the top to intense green at the bottoms and has a galaxy pattern on it.

What was Hatsune Miku’s first song Why are people saying Kyounosuke Goto was born a guy And where did the theory of her being Iroha’s voice provider come from What is the eye color of Vocaloid mascots.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Quite a few of the songs. Geetah Solo, come on! Haro, mai neemu izu Takane. Hau oorudo aa yuu? Hello, [Insert Name Here]: Your character is always referred to as “Producer” and its variants, except for Ami and Mami, who always call him “Nii-chan”. As you go further into some of the girls’ routes, a few of them change the way they refer to the producer, such as Miki calling him Hanii Honey or Takane’s Anata-sama Dear.

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He is Vladimir Putin , the current president of Russia. Read more in his section of the page. Why does Rin say “nya”? Edit It is confirmed by Numtack05 on his blog that Rin says “nya” as an a way to look cuter by an association with cats, as also shown when Rin wore a cat outfit while singing Assassin!. Rin in particular tries to associate herself with kittens by replacing the word “nya” with certain particles.

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Edit The story is very shoujo inspired, and centers around the love lives of a group of friends in high school and how they handle their growing feelings as time passes. However, the main focus shifts often. Yuu and Natsuki get together first and remain so for the rest of the series, Souta and Akari can’t on the boundary that Akari isn’t quite sure what love exactly is, and Haruki and Miou are both in love with each other, but cannot and do not admit it to each other for their entire high school career.

Most songs in the series are sung by GUMI and Hatsune Miku and so far, all of the songs on Niconico that had been done with Vocaloids have entered the Hall of Fame , with most of them having reached over a million views in their YouTube uploads. There are, however, a number of songs in the series both in-canon and as bonuses that are sung by various groups and the cast’s voice actors that are available on the CD sets and the official accounts.

A dubbing planning and a digest video have been uploaded for “Confession Rehearsal”, dubbing planning have also been uploaded for “A Solution for Jealousy”, and a preview has been uploaded for “Romeo”. The vomics serve as a “prologue” to the content of the songs, and also help expand on character interactions and plot threads. Three Vocaloid singles has also been produced for the series: The song Inokori Sensei is especially notable for being used as the debut demo for the Vocaloid flower.

DATE ALL THE VOCALOIDS! – Miku Miku Date 2 Ultra