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Gary Holton, actor and Heavy Metal Kid. A look back at a cult figure. Written by Ted Dahlin 22 April, Oi! Holton For anyone that knew Gary Holton, the news of his death from an overdose in came as no surprise. Gary lived hard and died young 33 , but managed to make a lasting impression on anyone who came into contact with him.

The Kollsnes processing plant and the Vestprosess pipeline have been ramping up following yesterday’s enforced shutdown. Siemens has finished the first phase shallow-water test of its Subsea Power Grid in Trondheim, mid-Norway. Aquaterra to support more well preparations at Johan Sverdrup.

Eskild Heinemeier Some couples openly use Grindr, while others do not want to know what their partners use the app for. Shutterstock A new PhD project has analysed how the dating app Grindr has affected dating culture among gay men. The study shows that Grindr has led to new ways for gay men to make themselves visible to one another and let each other know that they are available for intimate encounters.

As people adapt to this, it changes the rules of the game and creates a new balance in the intimacy of gay dating culture. He has recently completed his PhD thesis looking at Grindr. Avoiding conflict within relationships can be difficult and requires some work, since by default, Grindr shows everyone who is online in the neighbourhood, including your partner.

Same-sex marriages are on the rise in Norway Gay men have long used media Grindr is a dating app for smartphones, which primarily attracts gay and bisexual men. It displays other users in the area and allows users to contact each other. Gay men have used media to create their own spaces, for example through contact advertisements. Cruising has come out in the city again. In that way, the circle is closed.

Cruising may have gone back to the street but it is now in a different form that is conditioned by modern technology. Cruising is no longer reliant on subtle coded signals or glances, and is instead limited to these apps. There was also a certain amount of opposition to digital intimacy culture.

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April 26, at 6: This video has not been commented yet. An alleged rapist claimed he had terminal cancer before repeatedly drugging and ually assaulting men he met on the dating app Grindr, a court has heard. These wiley teenage boys can be the death of you.

27 okt – Hyr från folk i Trondheim, Norge från $20/natt. Hitta unika ställen att bo med lokala värdar i länder. Passa alltid in med Airbnb.

She is a student at Hartvig Nissen. Contents [ show ] Early life Eva originally lived in Bergen, Norway, but she moved to Oslo in 7th grade, around the age of Her mother and father are divorced, and Eva lives with her mother, while her father resides in Bergen. Eva lost contact with him when she moved, as he got remarried and his new wife was jealous of his old family.

Eva had been friends with Ingrid for a long time, and stated Ingrid was the only one who took care of her, despite the fact that she talked strangely because of her western Norwegian accent. However, at the end of 10th grade, Jonas, Ingrid’s boyfriend at the time, cheated on Ingrid with Eva, subsequently causing their conflict in Season 1. Throughout the Series Eva is the central character of Season 1 Tuesday September 22, Eva is introduced when Jonas is reading his essay and she claps for him, stating it was good.

Jonas asks her opinion on it, and if anything needs changing.

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X-body is now Puerto rican salsa! What does that mean? Salsa has many different styles.

The Bicycle Lift in Trondheim This natty gadget must have been the invention of someone with a bit of imagination. If you are on a bike and want to go up Brubakken Hill, to the Kristiansten Fort, you can hook for bike up to this and get transported all the way to the top without even having to pedal.

Other ways of working with LilyPond. Features Excellent classical engraving LilyPond allows musicians to produce elegant sheet music that is easy to read. Its developer community has spent thousands of hours developing powerful music engraving software that results in beautifully engraved music. LilyPond output has the same strong, balanced and elegant look as the best-engraved classical scores. This is further explained in our Essay.

Text input Everything is explicit LilyPond processes text input, which contains all information about the content of your score and can easily be read by any human or another program. There are no obscure settings hidden behind menu items and binary file storage. Read more about this concept on Text input. If you should accidentally break anything you can easily revert or modify any decision without being at the mercy of an Undo function. Text files are failure- and future-proof Text files are very robust against file corruption.

Manage your scores with version control Text files are applicable to be managed by version control. Version control may also open up new collaborative workflows for you. Usability Effective layout choices Spend less time with tweaking the output; LilyPond gets the formatting correct right from the start.

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What you need to get started What is a stepper motor and why should you care? A stepper motor is an electrical motor that turn in steps, this is in contrast to a conventional motor that moves smoothly. The steps are measured in degrees and vary from motor to motor. Because you can do awesome things! Since the motor moves precisely x amount of degrees per step, you can easily control just how much it is going to move, and easily count how much it has moved. For example the motor I am using in this tutorial moves 1.

Before I spend $ on a nucleus+, and if I wanted 24/7 computer access, I would buy 2 refurbished Mac Mini’s, setup a RAID disk, and if 1 Mac Mini would fail, hook up .

There is an alternative to flying. As a regular visitor to Norway, until this summer every single one of my journeys had taken me up 30, feet to get there. However, with a five-week stay pencilled in throughout July and August, this time around I decided a road trip would be something different and the decision to drive to Norway was made. Is there a ferry to Norway from the UK?

Unfortunately gone are the days where you could hop onto the Newcastle-Bergen ferry, that sailed for the last time in after being established for over years. The advent of cheap flights means there are currently no direct ferry routes between the UK and Scandinavia. As a result, to get your car into Norway, you’ll need to go on a bit of detour, but on the plus side you’ll see more of Europe, get to put your foot down when you hit the unrestricted autobahn and avoid some of the general annoyances that only seem to ever crop up at UK airports.

Why Take Your Car to Norway? For a short stay, taking a car is pointless, but if like me you’ve got an extended trip, or if you’re moving to Norway for a longer period , then taking a vehicle has many advantages. Firstly, the minute you set off, your holiday commences. You can take detours, stop in cities you have never visited before and travel at your own pace. Rondane National Park Photo: Finally, if you plan on exploring Norway, a car makes things far more accessible for seeing Scandinavian scenery and landscapes.

The NMR Laboratory at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway