Rabbit Speed Dating Leads to Bunny Romance

Original version Nothing is cuter than watching two rabbits lie side by side kissing each other. They are clearly very happy and enjoy each other’s company. Rabbits are social animals that benefit from living in pairs or groups. Despite the need to live with another rabbit, you cannot just put two rabbits in a cage and expect them to immediately get along. Rabbits, like humans, must date first. During their courtship, the rabbits learn to trust each other and eventually fall in love.

Venezuela’s president advises malnourished citizens to breed rabbits and eat them

There are plenty of rabbits to choose from at the shelter these days — over 60, more than Ms. Odum said she had seen in 10 years of volunteering, possibly a side effect of a ban on selling rabbits in pet shops, which took effect last year. New rabbit owners often change their minds after learning how much work the animals are, Ms. Rabbits are fussy and messy.

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But an investigation revealed these bargain knits may be coming at an immense cost to the animals that produce this wool. Investigators went to ten different angora farms and witnessed, they say, appalling abuse of animals at all ten locations. At half of the farms a particularly barbaric form of live plucking is used to remove the fur. PETA, which is campaigning for shoppers to boycott angora, is not naming the farms to protect its sources, but has documented its hard-hitting findings in video footage.

Be warned, neither the still images nor the video make for easy viewing. The woman holds the rabbit by the ears while trimming its fur at the Chinese angora farm Shocking truth:

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Rabbits and hares characteristically have long ears, a short tail, and strong hind limbs that provide a bounding locomotion. In contrast, the smaller pikas have shorter, rounded ears, no external tail,… Natural history While the European rabbit is the best-known species, it is probably also the least typical, as there is considerable variability in the natural history of rabbits. Many rabbits dig burrows , but cottontails and hispid hares do not. The European rabbit constructs the most extensive burrow systems, called warrens.

Rabbit dating is referred to as bonding. Every pairing is different, as there is not a set path to take. Here we will discuss different techniques and styles for bonding

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Giant Rabbit Breeds

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 · Wild rabbits live in communities. They’re naturally social animals. Domesticated rabbits are no different—they want to live with other creatures, preferably other rabbits. But not all rabbit pairs are good matches. That’s why Amy Odum of the Animal Care Centers of New York City arranges for

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The story of Paul Smith and the lucky rabbits

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The rabbit population had diminished drastically. Intrigued by this, scientists searched for an explanation. Although they thought the drop in the number of rabbits must have been caused by an illness, they could not indentify any. A few years later, scientists again noticed something unexplainable: The rabbit population increased. Adding to their perplexity, shortly thereafter it decreased once again.

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They strive for pursuits of intelligence, beauty, and art in life. Rabbits may be quiet on the outside, however, on the inside they are constantly analyzing their surroundings and thinking about what their next move will be. Personality characteristics for the Rabbit include thoughtfulness, gentleness, sensitiveness, and kindness.

They do not like face-to-face confrontation, so should that occasion arise, the Rabbit would rather bail than stick around to fight. If faced up against confrontation with a Rabbit, expect them to show their non-confrontational nature.

 · Rabbits Posted: 4/15/ AM 4×4 ^^^there is a pretty wide variety of cat some are just like chicken, others are a wee bit like lamb, hopefully your timing is right so they’d be mild, no mint required, on occasion tho it has been reported there are some that are oyster-like, wouldn’t really know much about that, but apparently they have certain mystical effects on some ://

Hierarchy amongst rabbits first published on Jul 24, by bunnyhugga Hierarchy is very important to rabbits; in the wild it is necessary to keep the peace in a large warren and domestic rabbits are also hierarchical, amongst themselves and with us Like all animals used to living in large groups, hierarchy is of paramount importance to rabbits – very necessary to keep the peace in a large warren.

This is the best way to ensure survival of the warren by producing the optimum number of litters who survive to adulthood. Newcomers or young rabbits not yet established in a pair are not readily accepted and tend to live a fairly miserable life on the outskirts of the warren. Sizing up the competition The first thought in a rabbit’s mind when encountering another rabbit is “are you superior or inferior to me?

If the ‘inferior’ rabbit submits by laying its head on the ground, the show of dominance may continue for a good while longer, sometimes even weeks, so great is a rabbit’s need to establish its place once and for all in the hierarchy. Rabbits do sometimes approach each other as equals but once bonded one rabbit – nearly always the female – will always rise to the top, even if in a very gentle, easy-to-miss manner.

Top bunny Once the hierarchy is established, the ‘top bunny’ enjoys certain privileges, the most noticeable of which is grooming. A top bunny will request grooming from a subordinate by laying her head flat on the ground close to the other rabbit, often pushing her head under his chin. She may return the favour at times as an act of affection but generally speaking the top bunny gets much more grooming from her subordinate s.

Confusingly, rabbits also lay their heads on the ground to show submission and you may often see subordinate rabbits doing this but the usual response from top bunny is either to ignore or give a quick ear or eye lick. The top bunny also has “first dibs” on food and may chase off any rabbit who she feels is threatening her food, in particular if it is a treat food such as a piece of carrot or banana.

She may also expect her subordinate s to “keep guard” for her while she sleeps; for example, she may completely relax and roll on her side or back to sleep while her subordinate s remain in the “loaf” position legs tucked under body, eyes half open – the classic rabbit sleeping postion.

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